Instruction Manual For Digital Moisture Meter


1) Place meter on a wooden table. Ensure no object is near the machine and no sample is in the cavity.
2) Press power ON switch. “busy” will blink.
3) Wait till "rEdY" is displayed. Immediately after display of "redy" press CHANNEL 1 switch which will display "1 00.0" for 10 sec, then "rEdY" will be shown on display.
CH 1 00.0%M

4) Prepare sample to be tested. Fill the quantity of sample in hopper. Weigh accurately. For "VOLUME" quantity fill the hopper fully.
5) Place the sample filled hopper on meter and drop down the sample in cavity by pressing the lever.
6) Remove hopper.
7) Press the appropriate channel switch and moisture is displayed. The reading is displayed for 10 sec.
CH 1 10.4%M
1 indicates channel no. & 10.4 moisture %.
8) For next sample go to step 4.
9) The meter gets automatically switched OFF after 30 minutes if not in use. Or press POWER ON to switch off the meter.

i) Battery installation:
  • If "LBAT" appears on the display on pressing any switch, then there is a need for replacement of batteries.
  • lbAt
  • The battery compartment is located at the bottom of the meter. Unscrew and remove the battery. Insert 4 nos. of fresh battery (1.5V, AA pencil cell) with proper polarity.
ii) For Cotton Seed, Rui, Kapas:
  • To measure moisture content take weight as indicated on the button. Weight the sample and fill with hand into meter cavity. Then with help of wooden block provided press sample until the sample is compressed into the cavity. After that, press the channel switch to measure the moisture content in the sample.